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1000 Black Lines

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Holiday gift idea

OK, my publisher informed me that I've sold ZERO copies of Late Night Writing this year. How can this be? I asked. There's plenty of used copies on Amazon.com. He said they're "new and used" which is publishing-speak for NEW wholesale copies for 40% off the retail price.

So for gifts under $8 consider a copy of Late Night Writing. In fact, if you catch me around Asheville, I'll sign a copy and draw a picture on the title page for $6.

Seriously, a guy bought a copy at a local reading a few weeks ago. The next week he showed up at an open mic and said he really enjoyed it--went home and read the whole thing. He mentioned how he liked its approachable quality.

Here's what some other folks have said about Late Night Writing:

"Feeling-good reading, almost like a Rimbaud sobering up with Miles Davis over tequila sunrises at Venice Beach on a windy September late afternoon."
--Pasckie Pascua, author of Vagrant Verses, Serpentine Summers

"These poems are for & of the quiet moments we mostly overlook & are doomed to lose, snapshots of what's been lost."
--Nate Pritts, author of The Happy Seasons

"Every time I read [Late Night Writing] I like it better. . . you paint word pictures, and I can see what you [see], and how you feel."
--Coffeehouse Junkie's grandfather (also a poet)

"I'm a big fan of the Late Night Writing... I can't tell you how many times I have enjoyed reading through this quality reading product. I really think this book will gain in popularity... When are you going to publish another book?"
--Coffeehouse Junkie's brother

[I didn't pay any of these kind souls to write the above endorsements.]

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