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1000 Black Lines

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Jaye Bartell poetry reading at The New French Bar

Jaye Bartell

Here's some images from last week's farewell poetry reading at The New French Bar. Sorry I didn't post these sooner. I have been cur-AY-zee BIZ-ee (that's listless lingo for "crazy busy").

If you missed it... too, bad. The place was packed--standing room only! The entire Asheville literary scene was there... OK, maybe not the entire literary scene. Jeff Davis, Keith Flynn, Sebastian Matthews (BTW, congrats on your Pushcart nomination), Chall Gray and many more came to enjoy a night of poetry and say good-bye to poet Jaye Bartell. Jaye invited several local poets to read and then he closed out the evening by reading from his chapbooks and yes--his beer coaster poems. His beer coaster poems are scheduled to be published in April 2008 by someone who I can't remember. Anyone remember?

Chall Gray

Audrey Hope Rinehart

Ingrid Carson

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  1. Blogger naughty drawdy | 10:35 AM, December 18, 2006 |  

    Suh-weet! I got a shout out on one of the kewlest blogs in The Ville. Thanks Matt!

  2. Blogger 1000 black lines | 1:22 PM, December 18, 2006 |  

    Nice to hear from you naughty drawdy!

    "One of the kewlest blogs"--you're too kind. Your also the second person in a week to mention this blog as one of Asheville's coolest.

    I sort of I feel like Deb (in the movie Napoleon Dynamite); shy, awkward and trying to sell whatever-it-was because they are "a must have for this season's fashion."

    Thanks for visiting.

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