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1000 Black Lines

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Magazine News

I hope Ashvegas is referring to the editorial content and not the overall design of D'licious magazine: "No big loss. It wasn't that good." Because I couldn't agree more. The dirty little secret is that the second issue was better written with a new editor (who came in at the very last minute to wrap up issue one and basically assisted in... oh, never mind, that's a whole other story), but it never made it to press. So there is no second issue (unless you want me to email you a low res PDF file of issue two).

Ashvegas writes in response to 1000 Black Line's unofficial announcement of the expiration of D'licious magazine.

And, let it be known, a new Asheville magazine is under development. My first deadline is January 15th. Ironically, this other magazine is scheduled to release during the same time period. It looks like they have a good art director on board. I hope they do well.

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  1. Blogger ash | 10:03 AM, January 07, 2007 |  

    absolutely, mulder - referring to editorial content. the look of the mag was awesome. part of the disappointment was that the content didnt live up to the look you gave it. good luck with the next!

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