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1000 Black Lines

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Weekend wrap-up

Last Friday I learned that AC-T is working on a story for this week's Take 5 about The Courtyard Gallery's True Home Open Mic Podcast (18,000 podcast subscribers). Even Ashvegas covered the hoopla last Thursday night at the weekly True Home open mic. I didn't attend. The godfather of the open mic said, "It was packed man. Why weren't you there? You're always there."
"I know," I said. "I was home writing."
He smiled and took a swallow of Yuengling. I sipped ice water and glanced around the bar. Scully's is pretty empty on a Friday afternoon. "I'm telling you, man," he said. "You should have been there."

Saturday evening I visited the home of The Indie and The Traveling Bonfires for a casual editorial meeting. The Indie has stubbornly survived in the Asheville publishing market by presenting an authentic "open mic" monthly magazine. The editor is now making a very bold move and offering The Indie as a bimonthly publication. The meeting spilled over to a Malaprop's poetry reading which I had been invited to, but hadn't checked my e-mail in a day or two and missed the fact that I was scheduled to read. So I was a bit unprepared (I wore a really old pair of jeans and an even older red flannel shirt that pre-dated the gunge invasion and I hadn't shaved in a week making me look--as my wife said--like Grizzly Adams). Fortunately, I was the final reader which gave me time to flip through my notebooks in search of appropriate reading material. The poets included:






For a Saturday night, the café was well attended. I closed the event by reading a couple poems recently published at the Southern Cross Review (an "e-review of literature, education, science, current events and Anthroposophy") and four new poems written in the last two months (but have yet to be published--this is a shameless BIG HINT to poetry publishers who may be reading this post). After the reading I hung out with a few people and discussed poetry, reality, time and space, art and other such topics of interest until the staff of Malaprop's asked us to leave.

Later that night I wandered into the Joli Rogers for a brief appearance at the Asheville blogger gathering.

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  1. Blogger Edgy Mama | 1:36 PM, January 23, 2007 |  

    I was looking for you too, Matt!

    I didn't write the story, but I was there taking photos for the AC-T. The story should run in this week's street edition of Take Five!

  2. Blogger 1000 black lines | 2:19 PM, January 23, 2007 |  

    You were looking for me? Seems like several people were hoping to run into me last Thursday night.

    How is that T-shirt design coming along?

  3. Blogger Edgy Mama | 9:37 AM, January 26, 2007 |  

    Because I knew about the Open Mic night from reading about it here on your bloggie!

    The T-shirt design is NOT working out. To reproduce the figure, they need some high res artwork, which I don't have. I'm considering just going with edgymama.com in your typestyle. Maybe with a funny tagline? What do you think?

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