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Books News : part 19

Several months have gone by without an update on book projects. During those months I have received several emails from writers who read these updates and want me to wave a magic wand over their book projects and hope for good sales. Allow me to shed some light on the success of the essayist behind the two titles.

The essayist of the two book titles I've developed has written consistently (for nine years) for a national magazine that reaches an average weekly readership of 400,000. Reading the letters sent to the editor suggest a very loyal fan base. I say an opportunity to keep my job and earn some money for the writer and publisher.

If you are a writer reading this, please find an agent or audience or both. I can't make your manuscript a small press success. Only you can do that. Search for a niche market magazine, earn a nine-year gig consistently supplying great editorial content and then email me.

Essay Collection: A has sold more than 6500 copies in ten months! The author has been a featured guest at a couple events and done a couple book signings. The essayist has promoted the title quite nicely and did a great interview with a West coast radio station.

Essay Collection: B, as of last night, has sold over 2500 copies. This title was released November 2006 and sold over 1000 copies during the Christmas gift-giving season. However, sales have not been as exciting as the first book. This is something I predicted would happen based on what I've read about the American publishing industry.

There's an odd phenomena in the publishing industry--a first book will sell well, second book sells half as well as the first title, and the third book sells half as well as the second. I attempted to include previously "unpublished material" in the B collection in order to increase what I expected to be mediocre sales, but management was in short-term goal strategy and earned short-term financial rewards. Currently the A collection if out-performing the B collection. Both titles have sold over 9000 copies in a ten month period. That's still a good track record.

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