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How far does your $10 go?

I came across this article in the NYT about traveling magazine sales crews. The story itself is interesting but I got distracted by one detail at the beginning of the piece:
[C]rew members... survived some days on less than $10 in food money...
It must be a big city $10, because that is just a couple dollars less that what I have to feed my entire household on a daily basis and no one goes hungry around my table. Then again, $10 goes a long way when I shop at Amazing Savings. As one traveler from Berkeley put it:
Amazing Savings... not just a cheesy marketing ploy, they really do mean it. It’s full of the whole-grain, soy-rich, flax seed, organic and interesting products you’ll find in the bougie markets of the San Francisco Bay Area, but they’re all either a bit past the sell-by date or in boxes that are a bit too beat up to sell in typical venues, so everything is between 50 and 75 percent off its original price. Amazing Savings indeed. We go home with boxes upon boxes of cookies, granola, soy milk, pasta, vegetables, juice, and energy bars.

Okay, that's it. I have no idea why I thought this might be interesting.

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