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This is embarrassing, but could be amusing

My involvement with the failed D'licious magazine still haunts me. Awhile back I made an unofficial announcement of the expiration of D'licious magazine. Another local blogger offered some observations that I addressed. And then yesterday, Mountain Xpress A&E reporter Steve Shanafelt posed the question, does WNC Magazine have what it takes to make it in Asheville (and uses the failure of D'licious as an example). Comparing D'licious magazine to WNC Magazine is like comparing a peanut to a squirrel. I can't go into all the details as to why D'licious failed. Maybe one day I'll write a memoir about it and pimp the book on Oprah. But until then, all I will say is that I was the art director of D'licious for two issues (one published, one aborted).

Based on the D'licious magazine release party (attracting over 400 ticket-paying attendees), Asheville residents want a glossy magazine. Undeniably, Asheville is a progressive, green city that ironically has a Super Wal-Mart store, a Target store, a couple Lowe's stores, a Barnes & Noble bookstore, multiple Starbucks locations and [add your mainstream cultural corporate icon here].

Personally, I think the local independent free magazines feel threatened by a new glossy magazine in town, because of potential ad revenue loss--if, that is, WNC Magazine succeeds where D'licious failed. A little competition in the local magazine arena would make for interesting opportunities (not to mention blogging). Most of the local publications have been churning out the same old tired designs and need a challenge.

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