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1000 Black Lines

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Barnes & Noble News » tracks The Traveling Bonfires to Osondu

This showed up yesterday in my Google Alerts. Seems that Buzz Tracker posted that I read at the Osobdu bookstore in last weekend. Woo-whoo!

And for those reading this from Barnes and Noble HQ, yes, you may sell my "novel in 30 verses!"

Novel in 30 verses? you ask. Yes, allow me to explain--no let me sum up an email exchange between Britt and myself.
Coffeehouse Junkie: It's a hybrid haibun/haiku/lyric--each chapter (verse) is less than 20 words.
Britt: That novel/hiaku hybrid sounds like quite an undertaking ... How was the hybku-novel received at Osondu?
CJ: The naiku-hovel has been a journey. I removed the element of characters in order to emphasize the emotional landscape of the setting and plot. So the introduction is essential to understanding the 30 verses--i.e. its a romantic tragedy in which two, star-crossed lovers follow relational entropy. The Osondu crowd responded politely....

For the record, the manuscript is complete and needs an editor and publisher who would like to place it in the hands of readers everywhere. Interested parties may email me at: coffeehousejunkie@gmail.com

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