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Smashing Pumpkins play secret show

See Asheville (and The Orange Peel), you're not Smashing Pumpkins' only "whore."

Launch Radio Networks reports: The SMASHING PUMPKINS played a secret acoustic show in Berlin for 200 fans on Tuesday night (June 5)... the PUMPKINS played a two-hour unplugged set, after which original members Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin remained onstage to take questions directly from fans. When asked why he decided to reactivate the PUMPKINS after a nearly seven-year hiatus, Corgan replied, "When the band broke up in 2000 a lot of people were saying it was a bad idea. But I felt we had to do it. Now we had to come back. We believe in the power of intention and prophecy."

The singer and guitarist called the recording of the upcoming PUMPKINS album, "Zeitgeist", "a long, laborious process to perfection." The album is out July 10.... The PUMPKINS began their comeback tour on May 22 in Paris... The group is now doing a series of European festival dates before coming home for July residencies in Asheville, North Carolina and San Francisco... Link.

Still the questions remains: where's James?

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