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1000 Black Lines

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Writing is a cruel mistress

From the Guardian Unlimited:
Writing tops poll of ideal jobs by Michelle Pauli

More Britons dream about becoming an author than any other job, according to a new survey.... almost 10% of Britons aspire to being an author.... More women than men yearn to write... Link.
I do not need to read the rest of the article to know it is not news. Further, most people (non writers) believe that writing is an easy profession where the individual lounges around drinking martinis and writes great novels in bursts of inspiration. This is a movie myth—if not fantasy.

According to this site (thanks Tammi), "Less than 100 people control what books are read in the U.S...." which means writers seeking publication are in an extremely difficult vocation to attain success.

Now, if I were to dream of an ideal job, it would be a U.S. park ranger in Montana.

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