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1000 Black Lines

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Books News: part 22

The poem sketch I posted [here] on Write Stuff includes actual publishing industry numbers.

195,000 book titles are published annually. Less than five percent sell more than 5000 copies (i.e. more than 9700 titles sell more than 5000 copies).

Essay Collection: A made its way into that 5 percent in the first year of its publication.

I did not know these book publishing industry details until recently.

Essay Collection: B has not reached that 5000-copies-sold platform. It has only been available for ten months.

Interestingly, the recent selling trend is that for every three copies of Essay Collection: A, Essay Collection: B sells a single copy. There are several factors that play into this emerging sales reality. I cannot share what those factors are, but I will consider it on-the-job training.

A 2008 Executive Weekly Planner has just been made available [here]. Not only did I design it exclusively using InDesign CS3, I also did editorial and art selection. Further I wrote some content as well (nothing of great literary value, but written nonetheless).

A Childrens' Book is scheduled to go to press soon.

What I find interesting regarding book publishing, is that with 195,000 books printed annually the mainstream media is reducing book review features. It may be that mainstream book reviews are not reaching those who actually buy books.

Collection: A & B have yet to be reviewed by a major publication. I wonder if a major publication book review would increase or decrease sales.

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I missed this Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center poetry reading yesterday because of family responsibilities.

To add insult to injury, this morning I listened to the podcast (rebroadcast of WPVM's Wordplay (a radio program about poetry)) and heard Jeff Davis and Sebastian Matthews relate the greatness of the reading. WTH, I never see you guys at any of these events. Last time I saw Jeff at a Flood reading he was reading his poetry. Dammit. The only time I did not attend all the Asheville poetry scene heavyweights show. Double dammit.


So this week's Write Stuff post may get me banned from ever posting on that site again. It could be considered... well, I'll let you read it and decide: PR Machine Killing Field (Link).


A couple weekends ago I heard M. Scott Douglass, editor of Main Street Rag, read at the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival. He read his poems as well as poems from some of his favorite poets. During his reading he offered this: "Poetry [should make] you react... both on a physical... and emotional level."

I wrote "PR Machine Killing Field" with that in mind.


And it's Monday... so have a great day and enjoy your crappy job.

Forget about it

(via gaping void) Link.

From info fast to info diet

This week's Write Stuff post has little to do with writing with the exception that it applies principles of approaching how one writes (Link). You may want to read this week's Write Stuff post before you read further because I pick up here where I left off there.


Another reason for the info fast was to establish attainable goals and accomplish them. In my career, I read a lot of periodicals, Web sites and books in order to assist me (on average about two to three hours per day). Often I spend three to four hours reading and replying to emails per day.

Last week I avoided print media (i.e. newspapers, magazines), audio media (i.e. NPR, audiobooks, podcasts), online media (i.e. news Web sites specifically, but also general Web surfing), television (I do not own one.), and book reading (except one hour of pleasure reading before bed). The idea, or rather challenge, derived from a book I am reading--The 4-Hour Workweek. I also limited my email reading/replying time to two hours per day (which was not part of the info fast).

During the course of the week I earned five extra hours (using the two-hour per day email reading/replying strategy). Further, by avoiding the consumption of print and online reading I was able to enjoy almost ten hours of focused thinking, working and writing. That is removing almost two eight-hour work days--almost half a week--of unproductive (or fat) time out of my busy week!

This is important because the 2008 Weekly Planner project I am working on goes to press today and last week I needed that additional 15 hours to finalize the project (I had to purchase editorial content and art at the last minute and redesign more than two dozen pages due to unplanned developments). Further, a children's book project I am working on also goes to press today. Even with the additional 15 hours, I was not able to accomplish the writing of new ad copy nor the design work for a new magazine ad, and I forgot to return a vital phone call!

When you're a one-man show (manage all phases of development, production, promotion and distribution of book titles; direct and assist editorial contributions; design book covers and page layouts; write, design, and place advertisements and much more), earning 15 hours is a big, big accomplishment.

This week I will move from info fast to info diet and learn how to effectively accomplish goals and tasks.

Information Fast

I am fasting this week. Read about it here [Link].

The trick to marketing...

via (gaping void) Link.

Book News: part 21

The first fiscal year as new "manager" (that I never planned) is complete. In fact, the very thought of being a manager some times nauseates me. I so do not feel like a manager.

One of the perks of being in this current position is developing a wonderful manuscript for a well-loved columnist of a national magazine. Also, the position allowed me to do the book design (i.e. font choice, page/chapter layout, etc.), publish it (even visit the print house where it was manufactured), and distribute it to adoring readers.

Some of you have figured out who the author/essayist is. For those of you who do not know, here's who the essayist is [Link]. You may also purchase the books here [Link].

Essay Collection: A has been distributed more than 8800 copies.

Essay Collection: B has mailed over 4100 copies in the last 10 months. One reader of this collection recently wrote: "...an amazing writer. And amazon doesn't have the one..."

I'm working on that little detail. Amazon has listed Essay Collection A [here] but the inventory is not currently available. Essay Collection B is available here [Link].

A 2008 Executive Weekly Planner has just been made available [here] as of this last weekend and is already receiving promising orders. This was a big challenge for me due to the fact that it is the first book I've designed exclusively using InDesign CS3. It is also a unique product to print and requires more attention to detail.

A Childrens' Book is scheduled to go to press in the next couple of weeks. This is bound to be a fun book for kids of all ages. It's a whimsical exploration of the story behind word origins like "cookie," "potshot," and others.

So forgive me if I haven't responded to your emails in months. I'm the only one managing the development, production, promotion and distribution of these book titles.

PART: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]

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"Are you motivated by LOVE or by FEAR?"

Deep thoughts (via LoL) Link.

"Man fired after employers track his movements on GPS phone"

Now this is creepy.

John Halpin, a carpenter supervisor for the NYC school system, was fired for falsifying time records. His manager had been tracking Halpin's location on Halpin's GPS phone (provided by the school system) for five months, and noticed multiple discrepancies. [read more » link] (via Boing Boing)

My first take away point comes from my uncle Fox: trust no one. Second take away point comes from my own experience: if your company offers you hardware/software to use at home ALWAYS leave it at the office (i.e. buy your own gear).