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Books News: part 22

The poem sketch I posted [here] on Write Stuff includes actual publishing industry numbers.

195,000 book titles are published annually. Less than five percent sell more than 5000 copies (i.e. more than 9700 titles sell more than 5000 copies).

Essay Collection: A made its way into that 5 percent in the first year of its publication.

I did not know these book publishing industry details until recently.

Essay Collection: B has not reached that 5000-copies-sold platform. It has only been available for ten months.

Interestingly, the recent selling trend is that for every three copies of Essay Collection: A, Essay Collection: B sells a single copy. There are several factors that play into this emerging sales reality. I cannot share what those factors are, but I will consider it on-the-job training.

A 2008 Executive Weekly Planner has just been made available [here]. Not only did I design it exclusively using InDesign CS3, I also did editorial and art selection. Further I wrote some content as well (nothing of great literary value, but written nonetheless).

A Childrens' Book is scheduled to go to press soon.

What I find interesting regarding book publishing, is that with 195,000 books printed annually the mainstream media is reducing book review features. It may be that mainstream book reviews are not reaching those who actually buy books.

Collection: A & B have yet to be reviewed by a major publication. I wonder if a major publication book review would increase or decrease sales.

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