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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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I missed this Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center poetry reading yesterday because of family responsibilities.

To add insult to injury, this morning I listened to the podcast (rebroadcast of WPVM's Wordplay (a radio program about poetry)) and heard Jeff Davis and Sebastian Matthews relate the greatness of the reading. WTH, I never see you guys at any of these events. Last time I saw Jeff at a Flood reading he was reading his poetry. Dammit. The only time I did not attend all the Asheville poetry scene heavyweights show. Double dammit.


So this week's Write Stuff post may get me banned from ever posting on that site again. It could be considered... well, I'll let you read it and decide: PR Machine Killing Field (Link).


A couple weekends ago I heard M. Scott Douglass, editor of Main Street Rag, read at the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival. He read his poems as well as poems from some of his favorite poets. During his reading he offered this: "Poetry [should make] you react... both on a physical... and emotional level."

I wrote "PR Machine Killing Field" with that in mind.


And it's Monday... so have a great day and enjoy your crappy job.

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