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Resignation a bit rocky

For the last four or five weeks I've been tormented. Should I, or shouldn't I continue contributing to Write Stuff. See, I've been extremely busy in my professional life (of publishing other people's books) that I felt that my contributions were lacking the quality I wanted to deliver. So I emailed the site's leader this weekend and politely resigned and promised to deliver one final contribution: Rainless among marram.

This morning I read today's Write Stuff post about defining genres and left a comment that was DELETED! WTF! I mean, is it necessary to delete the comment?

My comment mentioned that genres are mainly decided by publishing companies to help bookstores sell books. In the same manner, the recording industry uses the same strategy to sell albums by differentiating their target audience by marketing a project as 'country' or 'alt country' or 'punk americana country.' I referenced Peter Rubie's book Telling the Story: How to Write and Sell Narrative Nonfiction. It includes a section on how genres are defined. Rubie write to help writers pitch their work.

So, crassly speaking, genres help sell books. Or not so crassly, genres help publishers deliver titles to the correct audiences.

Why would that get DELETED? I don't get it. Whatever. I go back to work now.

UPDATE: Not only was my post deleted, but someone else's (username Square1) was also deleted. Thanks to Google Reader (I RSS the Write Stuff comments), I was able to learn this detail. I wonder if there is a glitch in their comments software, because Square1 left a comment on my final Write Stuff post, Rainless among marram that was not deleted.

  1. Blogger juniperflux | 10:19 AM, October 17, 2007 |  

    I'm sorry to see that you are leaving Write Stuff. Honestly, even though I rarely commented, your posts were the only ones that I thought were truly worth reading.


  2. Blogger 1000 black lines | 9:17 AM, October 18, 2007 |  

    Thanks juniperflux, you made my day.

  3. Anonymous Karen | 3:38 PM, October 19, 2007 |  


    I'm sorry about the comments. I noticed that, too. And all I can say is - I have no idea what happened. As far as I know, there are no glitches and that the author of that particular post must have removed it for reasons that were not shared with me and I was not notified of any intention of removing anything.

    I SAW your comment. And I also saw Square1's comment. And was just as confused (and annoyed) as you were when I noticed later that they had been removed.

    I have never deleted any comments and have no intentions of ever starting. Although all of the WS writers can make their own choices when it comes to their own posts, I won't tolerate unsubstantiated censorship.

    Again, I'm very sorry. I truly don't know what happened.

    And I already miss you. *smile* Good luck with your endeavors, M. And please, don't let this unexplained event sour you on WS as a whole.

  4. Blogger 1000 black lines | 5:43 PM, October 23, 2007 |  


    As stated in the post, I read the RSS feed of the WS comments and when I clicked through discovered the comments deleted. That really surprised me, because I thought what I shared would be helpful to writers and readers. Interestingly, Janie's post this week addresses the issue nicely (as does the comments). I really want to leave a comment but I wonder if it will be deleted because it may not "pertain to the post, or" ... and I may have "misunderstood" the post.

    I understand it is not your fault. I'm sure D. Challener understands that deleting comments discourages readers from every commenting again. I will continue reading WS, but I'm a little comment-shy presently.

    I miss writing for WS. It was a great experience, I learned a lot and hope I was able to share likewise. The discipline and commitment greatly helped me and I trust it helped readers of WS in turn.

    Also, you may be interested in this; I've been developing a creative non-fiction manuscript and more than a dozen WS posts will be expanded and included. The plan is to have an editor examine it next month.

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