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1000 Black Lines

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Photoshop Tutorial: Warp tool

Photoshop CS3 offers a practical vector-based tool. Here's the assignment. New product of a 2008 Weekly Planner has not arrived at the office and an ad promoting it is due by the end of the week. So, a photo shoot is out. Custom stock photography is out. Or is it?

In less than an hour this image of a female writing in a journal was located at iStockphoto.com. But how do I transform sample Planner pages into a stock image? Use Photoshop CS3's new Transform tool Warp.

The Warp tool provides 12 vector points to allow image manipulation.

One of the obvious applications of this new tool is to "wrap" a flat image around a can or cone or wave. But I need the Warp tool to "wrap" around the stock image journal pages.

The key is subtlety in this "product" ad. Using a couple effects, masks and layers, I present the illusion of a "product" placement within a stock image.

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