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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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115 to go

Years ago a friend told me that in order to draw one good illustration he had to first draw one thousand pages before attaining the goal of illustrating professionally. At the time, we both carried a black clothe sketchbook on our person at all times and entered sketches into those books almost daily.

I took up the challenge of writing a one thousand pages in pursuit of writing on page of fine literature. Thus, I scumbled the ideas together, blurring the distinction between fine art and fine literature and named this blog 1000 Black Lines.

I'm 115 posts away (114 after I post this) from attaining one thousand blog posts. The first year, I blogged 295 posts. 269 were posted the following year and it has decreased in frequency since then due to a number of reasons. I am entertaining the thought of not posting to 1000 Black Lines (like another blogger) after reaching the goal of one thousand posts.

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