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1000 Black Lines

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Are you buying CDs, DVDs or books as Christmas gifts?

Ed Christman's Yahoo News article titled "Bleak Friday begins holiday season for music retailers" resonated with me as I've observed modest books sales compared to last year. Of course, I helped launch two book titles last year (both targeting a niche adult audience) and only one title this year (targeting children).

Christman writes, "Merchants cited the lack of hit releases as the main reason for the decline...." He quotes the president of Value Music: "I can't remember a Thanksgiving that didn't have any superstar releases on the Tuesday before..." The article relates that DVD and video game sales are up: "...in Oshkosh, Wis. ... general manager Stephanie Huff reported that DVDs were up 216 percent Thanksgiving week. TV shows drove the DVD surge, she added."

Maybe I should consider releasing the books direct to Amazon's new Kindle. Or not. Or maybe release the next book title direct to DVD in the light of declining readers and reader comprehension.

There's always the possibility that I maybe an antiquary.

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