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Book layout, or what...

...I should have been doing today. DayQuil provides false ambitions to finish the page layouts for the paperback that was supposed to go to press yesterday.

Instead, I read a Jean Paul Sartre book. Months ago I had decided to design a paperback in the fashion of book layout 60 years ago, but with a relatively modern font. The image above is a second draft of a page layout from the paperback I am designing.

Below is a book printed in 1964. Notice the beautiful wide margins. Like a graphic design nerd, I pulled out a ruler and measured the margins--one inch on the outside margins. The font is 10 points with 14 to 15 point leading. This page layout is timelessly elegant. Most of non-fiction books I design include a tribute if not blatant ripoff of this page layout format.

Now I have to dose up on some more OTC meds and herbal teas to kick this head cold and finish this project.

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