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1000 Black Lines

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The lost art of writing with pen

This afternoon I was working from The Drip and noticed several other WiFi and coffee addicts smashing away on keyboards and surfing the wild world web and... and I noticed several laptop users had notebooks (some basic notebooks... others moleskin notebooks) they were writing in or reading from.

The asymmetry of new and old technology is sublime. Despite the WiFi access, people at The Drip were actually writing--regardless of proper penmanship-- in analog. Not typing directly into cyberspace or IMing or emailing or blogging, but writing the ways the ancients did--placing stylus to parchment. This represents the hope that our culture still has a grasp on the necessity of reading and writing and the cognitive exercise to accomplish that task.

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  1. Blogger Ginny | 11:32 AM, December 19, 2007 |  

    I spend my days glued to my laptop at work. But when I get home I pull out a blue ink pen and write my thoughts, dreams and desires down in a good old fashioned journal. I have a stack I've filled over the years. I will not let computers take away from the charm of journal writing.

  2. Blogger Dawn Colclasure | 3:22 PM, December 20, 2007 |  

    I LOVE writing in a notebook. It's so much more convenient than modern technology. It's very flexible, too!

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