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Primaries, blimps & football

WARNING: this contains overt political content and may offend some readers; specifically those readers (mostly well-meaning friends who will probably not speak to me again after reading this post or if they are still speaking to me will inundate my inbox with Ron Paul propaganda) who think I should support Ron Paul for President. It wasn't long ago some well-meaning friends were saying the same thing about Howard Dean.

The NC Primaries aren't until May. Yey, can't wait to participate.

Next door, the SC primaries are in progress. Yes, it is the season for American politics at its best (or worst). An old Larry Norman song seems to capture the mood: "nothing really changes/everything remains the same..."

Remember this floating object? (via Expats4Dean) Link.
All that blimp and he still lost.

And now this floating obscenity. (via Bostonist) Link.
Need I predict another lost campaign?

You'd think a political campaign marketing group would be more creative than to use a blimp. A blimp is the kiss of death... unless it is floating over an American football stadium.

GQ had a good idea... use a bimbo blonde babe attractive intelligent youthful female to promote patriotism... or support for the troops... or something to do with red, white and blue nationalism.

But the cliche red, white and blue is so passe. Presidential candidates need to be bold: how about green and gold?

I think I'll write in Brett Favre for President.

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