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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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Thanks for NOT READING

Did I write that I was going to "shut down" 1000 Black Lines? I posted that one of my blog goals was to attain 1000 blog posts. Further, the countdown to the last post does not equate to shutting down. But thank you for making it appear like I am bleeding out of the blogosphere and providing voyeuristic entertainment for those who do not regularly read 1000 Black Lines but would like to witness the apoptosis of a blog. To shut down implies deleting--i.e. ceases to exist; i.e. terminate.

Did I write that I was deleting 1000 Black Lines? For crying out loud, read and comprehend before you post! Better yet, don't blog at all and go read a book with lengthy sentences and complex words. And I thought I had ADHD. Now that my blood pressure is experiencing a correction, I'd like to point out that the countdown was to share how many posts remain until the goal is attained.

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