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Warren Wilson College reading -- review

Brief review of last night's Warren Wilson College MFA faculty reading.

Marianne Boruch read first and from her new book that she didn't know had been published and available at the book store. Always a delight to hear her read. Poems read include: "Still Life," "New Paper," "A Musical Idea," and others.

Charles D’Ambrosio read a lengthy, intriguing piece that I assume is the opening to a novel. When he finished, I wanted to shout, "What happens next?"

Van Jordan read about a half dozen poems both old and new (from his recent book). His personae poems and eulogies were delightful and haunting.

Michael Martone read one of his "contributor notes" from his book Michael Martone: fiction. You would have had to been there to understand the unique humor of his story. As one amazon.com reviewer put it, "Mind-bending multiple views of Martone's real and/or imagined lives, written in 2-3 page faux contributor's notes." His piece was hilarious and a great way to end a rich reading.

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